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FieldSync 3.1 - More customization and flexibility

FieldSync version 3.1 is scheduled to release at midnight MST on June 23, 2014. In typical FieldSync style, version 3.1 will include several new features, a few bug resolutions and some performance enhancements.
FieldSync v3.1 Coming on June 23rd   FieldSync is pleased to release another update to our cloud-based mobile business solution in version 3.1. This update includes severa…

FieldSync Now Includes File Management

Starting with v3.0, FieldSync contains a new file management system. Even for mobile users, having access to documents, spreadsheets, diagrams, instructions and drawings allows them to do their jobs better.
One of the most requested features has been added in FieldSync 3.0. The NEW File Management feature allows administrators to disseminate files to mobile workers who can access th…