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2005 Called. They Want Their Technology Back

With all the amazing mobile hardware options out there now, it still happens; Company X somehow gets convinced to buy a VERY outdated mobile solution. Welcome to 2005 company X. You're missing out on what makes mobile successful in 2013.
Today while doing some cleaning up around the office, I stumbled across a stack of old CD’s that I needed to check out. While most of them went in the waste can, one CD contained …

Improving Home Care through Technology

Technology, like FieldSync Health can help a home health agency implement QA processes that insure quality care is delivered and monitored. The anytime, anywhere nature of a cloud-based system in healthcare benefits caregivers, patients and loved ones.
Keeping your loved ones at home and having care brought to them can be frightening. There are so many myths and stories about home care providers. In a recent article published by…

FieldSync Health - 2.2 Release

Upgrade information on the latest version of FieldSync Health, version 2.2.
Today we released FieldSync Health 2.2. We’ve been on a consistent schedule of pushing a new release about every eight weeks, which is a huge testament to the amazing team that w…