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Improving Home Care through Technology

Technology, like FieldSync Health can help a home health agency implement QA processes that insure quality care is delivered and monitored. The anytime, anywhere nature of a cloud-based system in healthcare benefits caregivers, patients and loved ones.
Keeping your loved ones at home and having care brought to them can be frightening. There are so many myths and stories about home care providers. In a recent article published by…

Part 4 - A Day in the Life... DD Style

A Day in the Life... DD Style is more than just a day. It is life changing opportunities not only for those with developmental disabilities, but those who chose to be a part of someone else's life.
It is time we bring everything full circle and share what a day would look like for an administrator or management that is responsible for ensuring  the agency is running smoothl…

Part 3 - A Day in the Life... DD Style

Caring for the developmentally disabled can be a roller coaster ride for caregivers. In Part 3 in our "Day in a Life - DD Style", we'll take a look at how mobile technology can help document an unusual series of events.
11pm - 7am... The first hour of this shift is usually a bit crazy as there are shift changes, questions and things happening with the participants. Getting things answered and a…

Part 1 - A Day in the Life... DD Style

Part 1 of our 4 part series on the day in the life of caregivers of developmentally disabled individuals.
The 7am - 3pm Shift... Working in the DD Industry is not an easy task by any means; however, the individuals that you work with are amazing people with personalities that are so…