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Delivery & Courier

Bring FieldSync into your delivery operation to optimize efficiency and on-time deliveries by tracking your team, your fleet and gathering real-time delivery details at the point of service.

Common Delivery Uses:

  • See where your delivery team is using the built-in dashboard map
  • Mobile timecards
  • Manage fleets of delivery vehicles with history, repair and maintenance data
  • Manage assets such as data collection equipment, communication equipment and office equipment
  • Mobile GPS, signature and other chain-of-custody information


  • Complete and accurate time cards reduce troubleshooting time-consuming errors fixes by management and HR departments
  • See where your team is currently located, allowing ad-hoc changes in route, schedule, etc.
  • Alerts help keep expensive fleet equipment in working condition
  • Asset tracking gives you a birds-eye view of where equipment is and who has it
  • Track deliveries with granular detail so you can answer any question about it
  • Customizable forms allows FieldSync to evolve as your business does