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Deliver the best care and patient experience possible, while keeping costs down. Explore how FieldSync technology can help you track and manage a wide range of information about your patients, your staff, contractors, your assets and even your facility. Gain oversight, lower costs and increase productivity.

In the DD or similar field? Please see our FieldSync Healthcare template.

Healthcare Common Uses:

  • Quickly and accurately track employee and contractor time
  • Track employee safety incidents with full details and notes
  • Patient/participant monitoring
  • Track patient/participant programs
  • Use custom inspection forms and logs to track history, usage and maintenance of HVAC equipment, vehicles, testing devices, boiler room equipment, washers/dryers, food preparation equipment and more
  • Use FieldSync to perform facilities management. Record all the work from the initial work order report to the final resolution
  • Track assets such as hospital beds, furniture, computer equipment, delivery vehicles and more
  • Conduct customer surveys


  • Real-time visibility
  • Automatic data aggregation
  • Adjust data collection forms quickly and distribute instantly
  • Spend less time monitoring timecard data troubleshooting errors and mistakes
  • Report quickly and completely on staff accidents and incidents
  • At a glance, see the status of any of your assets, saving time and storage of paper files
  • Reduce theft, loss and gain accountability using FieldSync to manage assets
  • All logged data is available to the home office, making authorized staff aware of operation details in minutes, not days
  • Accessible anywhere
  • No software to buy and install - No IT department required


What is a Digital Client Advocate™?

A Digital Client Advocate is an advocate that has the ability to instantly collaborate and bridge communication, data collection, and reports to raise visibility in one central location. It provides the information necessary to support and promote the greater interests and needs of the clients you serve before, during and after delivery of services.

FieldSync™ enables companies to have a tool that they can customize to fit the needs of the clients they serve. From the creation of forms and tasks, to who has access and visibility to what and when.

As a Healthcare professional, you can now be your own “developer” of a solution to turn your paper documents into an Advocate for your clients.

With all your client information collaborated and accessible anywhere, anytime, you have a Digital Client Advocate that provides insight to concerns, incidents, and areas of needed improvement through automated results.