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Livestock Tracking

FieldSync contains the tools, power and flexibility to help you manage and track your livestock. Customers using FieldSync in a livestock setting are checking in/out animals 50% faster. They're also monitoring source verification, treatment and other critical information.

Common Livestock Management Uses:

  • Use FieldSync to log and maintain employee and contractor timecards
  • Track important information like inoculations, source, age, place of birth, location, illnesses, treatment, transfers and more
  • Track details on yard assets such as tools, feeding equipment, feed, manure, tag readers, fencing/barriers and more
  • Log and manage the history and maintenance of fleet equipment like trucks, tractors, trailers, etc.
  • Quickly create detailed reports based on your criteria


  • Increased compliance with USDA regulations
  • Technology that does not impede or distract from managing livestock
  • Instant access and reporting of timecard data
  • Instant access to livestock data
  • User customized forms can be built and edited to grow along with your needs
  • Don't miss critical events like required maintenance on critical assets
  • Subscription based - No software to install and no IT required
  • Works with RFID tag readers

FieldSync Livestock
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