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Oil & Gas / Industrial

FieldSync technology keeps you connected to field teams and the office in real time with valuable, timely and actionable information about employees, contractors, fleet machinery, assets and materials.

Oil & Gas / Industrial Common Uses:

  • Quickly and accurately track employee and contractor time cards
  • Track employee safety incidents with full details and notes
  • Use custom inspection forms and logs to track history, usage and maintenance of valuable fleet vehicles and machinery
  • Perform inspections on and otherwise keep tabs on assets, including tools, electronics, etc.
  • Find your team using GPS to locate them anywhere in the world


  • Spend less time monitoring timecard data troubleshooting errors and mistakes
  • Report quickly and completely on staff accidents and incidents
  • At a glance, see the status on any piece of your fleet equipment, saving time and storage of paper files
  • Reduce theft, loss and gain accountability using FieldSync to manage rig-based and remote assets
  • Use employee GPS locations to help them find remote oil line locations and stay geographically on track
  • All logged data is available to the home office, making authorized staff aware of operation details in minutes, not days