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Real Estate

FieldSync is a great fit for busy real estate agents who see the need to collect more information as they work. FieldSync can act standalone, or as a supplement to a larger real estate system to collect details on properties, prospects, expenses and more.

Real Estate Common Uses:

  • Use FieldSync like a CRM to track basic information on your prospects and clients - names, addresses, contact info, questions, offers, etc.
  • Collect and store notes on open house events
  • Keep an audit trail on showings - when, where, who, time in, time out, interest, etc.
  • Schedule showings
  • Collect information about home staging and inspections
  • Keep record of damage or fixes needed to a property
  • Track expenses and mileage
  • Mobile features extend to Apple and Android smartphones and tablets


  • Save time and be more organized
  • Collect data that large real estate system don't support - Important details won't fall through the cracks
  • Have information at your fingertips where ever you are
  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Create reports based on the data you collect