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Rental & Leasing

FieldSync technology keeps you connected to field teams and the office in real time with valuable, timely and actionable information about employees, contractors, fleet machinery, assets and materials.

Rental & Leasing Common Uses:

  • Electronic rental/lease agreement forms
  • Track all aspect of your rental inventory, including location, condition, damage, repairs, source, age, etc.
  • Track employee safety incidents
  • Keep information on assets used internally like tools, vehicles, forklifts, etc.
  • Employee timesheets
  • Great for sporting equipment, party/event rentals, tools and light/medium duty equipment.


  • Have complete information about your rental assets just a click away on web and mobile
  • Reduce paper and the area to store it
  • Reduce theft and loss by keeping accurate records of internally used assets
  • Timesheet accuracy is greatly improved
  • Mobile ready, allows popular phones and tablets to begin replacing paper forms
  • No more illegible forms and data entry