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FieldSync™ Demo
In this demo video, we'll give you a quick tour of FieldSync™ and how it can help your business. 

Work Demo

FieldSync™ Healthcare Demo
See how FieldSync can benefit your healthcare environment. 

Healthcare Demo

FieldSync™ Basics
Short 2-3 minute videos explaining the basics behind FieldSync™

FieldSync™ How To Videos
4-6 minute how-to videos that show how to perform specific actions inside FieldSync™

Use Cases

1372197983_control_play_blue.png Using FieldSync™ for Inspections
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Using FieldSync™ for Route Management
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Using FieldSync™ for Time Tracking
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Using FieldSync™ - Example Workflow

Entity(Customer) Module

1372197983_control_play_blue.png Adding A Customer
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Mobile Customer Management
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Who Am I? Entities Explained

Tasks Module

1372197983_control_play_blue.png Creating a Task
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Logs vs Tasks

Data Entry

1372197983_control_play_blue.png Mobile Data Entry
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Entering Data on the Web

Logs Module

1372197983_control_play_blue.png The Logs Module
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Logs vs Tasks

Configurable Fields

1372197983_control_play_blue.png Configurable Fields - Overview
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Configurable Fields - Value Lists
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Configurable Fields - Basic Types
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Configurable Fields - Display Only
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Configurable Fields - Date and Time
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Configurable Fields - Drawing Types


1372197983_control_play_blue.png Reporting Overview
1372197983_control_play_blue.png The Log Report
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Task Detail Report
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Reports - Using Excel Templates
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Task Reports
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Using the Reporting Role


1372197983_control_play_blue.png Dashboard


1372197983_control_play_blue.png Messaging System


1372197983_control_play_blue.png Adding A User
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Setting up Mobile Devices
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Using the Reporting Role


1372197983_control_play_blue.png Settings - Labels
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Setting up Security
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Building Forms


1372197983_control_play_blue.png Mobile Data Entry
1372197983_control_play_blue.png The Emergency Button


1372197983_control_play_blue.png Scheduling - Setup & Adding Events
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Scheduling - Filters, Groups & Mobile

File Management

1372197983_control_play_blue.png File Management Overview

FieldSync™ Healthcare
Webinars and other videos related to FieldSync™ Healthcare

1372197983_control_play_blue.png Webinar: Ethical Checks. Balances & Decision Making
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Webinar: Tracking Incidents & Creating Reports
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Webinar: Improve the Quality of Care
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Webinar: A Digital View - The Capabilities of Your Business
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Webinar: Developing Comprehensive Programs
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Webinar: New Innovations in Data Collection
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Webinar: Buried in Paper
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Webinar: Using the Multidisciplinary Approach
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Webinar: HIPAA Regulations & Electronic Data
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Webinar: If it Isn't Documented, It Didn't Happen

FieldSync™ Rx
Videos related to FieldSync™ Rx

1372197983_control_play_blue.png FieldSync™ Rx Demo
1372197983_control_play_blue.png FieldSync™ Rx Customer Experience With David Brim From Care-More Rx™

FieldSync™ Livestock Tracking
Webinars and other videos related to Livestock Tracking 

1372197983_control_play_blue.png FieldSync Livestock Tracking in Action

FieldSync™ Updates
Last three updates in video form 

1372197983_control_play_blue.png Version 3.0 Update
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Version 2.6.3 Update
1372197983_control_play_blue.png Version 2.6 Update


"The ability to monitor residents and staff using FieldSync Health has been excellent. By the end of every day, I'm in compliance."

"I can log into FieldSync Health and quickly see an incident occurred that I wasn't alerted to and follow up on it immediately."