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FieldSync™ gives healthcare providers a tool they can customize to fit the needs of the clients they serve. From the creation of forms and tasks, to who has access and visibility to what and when. As a Healthcare professional, you can now be your own “developer” to turn your paper documents into a “Digital Advocate” for your clients.

With all your client information collaborated and accessible anywhere, anytime, you have a Digital Client Advocate™ that provides insight to concerns, incidents, and areas of needed improvement through automated results.

The Digital Client Advocate™

A Digital Client Advocate™ acts on behalf of clients as well as caregivers as a record of events and actions. It uses mobile technology and electronic forms to create a secure, accurate and centralized source of information that provide extra layers of accountability and compliance.

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Provider Types Supported:

  • Developmental Disability Services (Residential, Vocational, Community-based, Center-based, Behavioral Management)
  • Therapists (Physical, Respiratory, Occupational, Speech, etc.)
  • Long-term Care / Assisted Living (Skilled and Non-Skilled)
  • Home Health / Hospice / Personal Care Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • DME and Supply Providers


  • NEW - File Management puts Files on Mobile Devices
  • Built-in Scheduling for Web and Mobile
  • Export Progress and Status Reports to Excel, PDF
  • Internal, Confidential Messaging Module
  • Encrypted End-to-End, Including Mobile Data
  • Data Entry on Web or Mobile
  • Easy Configuration to Match Your Forms and Reports
  • View and Manage Medical Information
  • Create Complete Incident Reports and Shift Logs
  • Schedule Appointments and Care
  • (5) Sample Clients *
  • Health-related reports *
  • Prebuilt value lists *
  • Prebuilt contact types *
  • (5) different cue count types *
  • Health specific terminology (Medicaid numbers, medications, objectives, etc.) *
  • Prebuilt programs (taking vitals, life skills, hygiene, bathing, walking, etc.) *
* = Healthcare specific template features 


  • Information that's always legible and complete
  • Enhanced security and HIPAA compliance
  • Anywhere, anytime accessibility
  • Role-based access to information, records and reports
  • Less paper management, usage and storage
  • Free mobile app - No Developers or IT support needed


"The ability to monitor residents and staff using FieldSync™ has been excellent. By the end of every day, I'm in compliance."

"I can log into FieldSync™ and quickly see an incident occurred that I wasn't alerted to and follow up on it immediately."

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