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Livestock Tracking

Tracking your livestock can be a tough job. FieldSync has the tools that you need to get the most out of your day and your operation. Entering critical data about your animals on a mobile device saves you time and money. Our customers are able to check in and check out livestock 50% faster. They've also tackled source verification, and are able to track treatments, pulls, and weight gains on an individual basis. Built in reports and alerts make it easy to react to critical and time sensitive situations.

  • FieldSync Livestock Tracking template.

  • FieldSync web interface offers a bird's eye view of your livestock assets.

  • Collect and view information remotely using Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad) smartphones and tablets.


  • Check in animals and assign to a location
  • Maintain critical data, like date, origin, status and place of birth
  • Keep notes on illness and treatment
  • Transfer livestock from lot to lot
  • Check out or ship animals
  • Archive data under regulations
  • Automate and simplify search and reporting
  • Nothing to buy. Monthly Subscription
Livestock Management also includes all the standard FieldSync features.


  • Immediately start lowering operating costs
  • Check in and check out livestock 50% faster
  • Manage more animals to increase revenue
  • Eliminate costly mistakes and identify risks early
  • Gain management control over your animals
  • BYOD - Support any employee & contractor mobile device

Rangeland Inspections:

  • Reduced litigation
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Reduced fines
  • Easier access to permits

Livestock Tracking:

  • Track feed
  • Track inoculations
  • Track source and age


"With FieldSync, we now save over 80 man hours a month in the office alone. FieldSync has been a huge money saver for our operation."

Calf Ranch Supervisor, Idaho 

If you have questions about Livestock Tracking, please Contact us.